Impact Recruiters is an executive recruiting firm which delivers high quality contingency search to our clients across America. Founded in 2019, Impact Recruiters specializes in automotive manufacturing, appliance manufacturing, food and beverage, military/defense and heavy industry.

Our team is committed to delivering the high quality of service that our clients and candidates deserve. Our recruiters recognize the importance of being subject matter experts and each member of our team works in a specific industry. Our unique approach provides the ability to fill positions as soon as possible while maintaining the quality of service that today’s competitive marketplace demands.

Our Mission

To inspire brilliance and innovation in America’s manufacturing workforce by connecting people through real and honest human interaction.

Our Value

When asked what sets us apart from others in our market, the answer is simple. We know the why. Our recruiting success is based on a tried and true multi-step process that centers on the reasons why employment decisions make sense. Just because the candidate is a match does not mean that he or she is a fit. Finding the impact players that our clients need and making them happy is the key to long-term success. That is what our process is all about.

Our Process

The fundamentals of successful executive search are driven by our approach and process. Our 24 step process serves as a continual guide for our team and its design allows us to implement change when needed as we are continually working to adjust to the needs of our clients in an ever-changing economy. We are true industry specialists with real time insights.

Our Specialties

We Speak the Language

We bring strategic solutions to hiring and retention of the best talent in the automobile, appliance and aerospace manufacturing industries.

Executive Recruiting

Experts in Manufacturing Talent

We specialize in uncovering the hidden gems in the workforce. Our clients aren’t limited to only the “available” talent in the market. We find the best.

What We Believe

Say What You Do and Do What You Say

Setting and managing expectations may seem like a lost tradition in today’s world. We plan, we prioritize, and we practice dependability.

Discover Great Talent

If you are in need of top tier professionals, reach out to us today.