Finding the right person or the right company is hard work. Trust the professionals at Impact Recruiters to take the time to do it the right way with a process that’s yielded thousands of success stories.

Before you choose a recruiting firm, you should be comfortable with its search and selection process. If your recruiting firm relies exclusively on the Internet or an outdated database, it is probable that you will not be able to secure the best talent available.

Our search process is designed to achieve repetitive results. Success does not rely on luck. It relies on habit. Our recruiters will start with a basic overview of what you want in your new employee and then form an in-depth needs analysis profile for your company and your position.

Once the needs are understood, our Account Executives create the recruiting plan and begin building the pipeline. Qualified candidates are presented and discussed with you or your hiring managers. If modifications to the recruiting plan are needed, the search is adjusted accordingly.

Once a decision is made to hire, our work is not done. We handle conversations about counter-offers, salary negotiation and on-boarding. We reconcile any issues, help with relocation, and provide follow-up as needed.

Partnerships are long term relationships built on mutual trust, loyalty and understanding. It’s how we like to do business.